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YOU in him


I am undone

And you are gone

I am blurred

And you’re strong


A game

Did we play

So lame

The “stupid” Way

I went


Nothing it meant?

I saw you today. No, I thought that it was you. Those dark brown eyes, lucid and meek, I looked into them forever you know.

I wondered this is how it must be to see you stand behind the podium and enrapture your audience, hanging on to each of your word. I stared at a guy without any apprehensions for the first time in my life. I stared for so long that his friends began pointing me to him, smirking and mocking at him.

The way he smiled, the way his eyes looked so innocent glistening slightly as if he’d sneezed just a while ago and that had made his eyes water. I wondered what it would be like to hold his hands, soft and warm like yours?

His team won the third prize, he was so happy. I was happy too, I don’t know why.

They were announcing the winners but I was staring at him thinking about you. We won the event you know. Cash prize and all. A big cheer rose amidst the audience. A huge college team had come to cheer for us. They erupted into a-three-cheers-for hoot and that is when I realized I had to go up on stage.

There was a photo session later for the winners. He stood by me you know. My heart was beating aloud since so long, I thought it’d collapse soon and I’d die with your face floating in my eyes.

He smiled and mouthed a congratulations at me. I smiled back, smitten as I’d always been with you. I am sure he must be wondering what happened to the girl who fought with the judging panel for 15 minutes.

You know what? I thought you were dead in me, dying atleast. I swear I didn’t think of you all these years. I am dead beat with work and I really love being this way, you know it. But then I dreamt about you last night and then I see you, well him but you in him.

 They put up some music for us as part of celebrations I guess. I slipped in a groove without any effort. He was nowhere in sight and then he suddenly reappeared by my side.

How I loved you smile baby, he has one just like yours. I saw you slip your hands around my waist and throw me in your rhythm. Every step was planned by you; I just wished to be wrapped around you like a vine, lose my existence and be just you. He was just hanging around me, not sure of his steps. We always made a great pair on the dance floor, didn’t we? Sparks flying everywhere, ionizing the air between us, little jolts of love biting us. It used to make me feel almost guilty of being so happy.

I moved away towards the refreshments as my team mates and friends motioned me. I was following his moves from the corner of my eye. For a while he didn’t seem to care that I left the floor, and then he reappeared by my side just as eerily as the first time.

And then he spoke. A simple “HI!” in somebody else's voice.


I immediately knew it wasn’t you. Nobody can be you in anybody. Nobody can be everything you are, your eyes, your smile, your voice.

The game was over, he was just another boy. I smiled, not replying back and went back to my gang. For the rest of the evening he followed me pretty openly for everybody to witness. One of my guy friends told me he was asking about me, I avoided him completely.

Did I really love you this much? I can’t believe me and my heart, the way they behave when it comes to you. Seriously!


I am undone


And you are gone

I am blurred

And you’re strong


A game

Did we play

So lame

The “stupid” Way

I went


Nothing it meant!





Blind Date

“That’s it!” Nick exclaimed.


This is Nick for you, forever pompous. Sometimes I wonder whether it is sane of me to seek advice from him. But he’s a close enough buddy and after a few drags together, he actually gets me talking. Considering how he always manages to get swarmed by gals and his life is bereft of any emotional drama - well almost. He is definitely the best man I have got to play agony aunt for my... err… non existing personal relationships.


“Look bro, this time the idea better be good” I told him flat on his face. I have had enough of Nick’s ideas.


“Just listen to it and you’ll feel like kissing me” he continued in his pompous manner, puckering up his lips.


“Fat chance” I laughed out on him, then on my pitiable state. “I’d rather kiss a mule than you” I made a stab at him which I soon had to regret.


“Hey look. This is getting offensive dude. And if you remain stuck in guy circles all the time, in no time you’ll have no other option but to do that” Nick finished smirking, puffing up his chest like a proud lion.


“Ok. Fine. What’s the idea?” I was beginning to feel my face going red, wondering why I ever confided in Nick.


He took his time knowing that I’m waiting at his disposal. He slowly exhaled the smoke through his nose, something which always leaves me sick if I try. One has to agree, Nick’s got style. He simultaneously relived the idea he was holding back. “Go for a blind date”


“WHAT? I can’t even think of going on a date with someone I know and a blind date?”


“Exactly that is why. Even if you blow it, no one comes to know. I’m sure your blind date would be glad to forget it as well. It’s the least risk option you’ve got. Accept it dude, someday you got to get over your fears - school boy fears” he jeered at me once again.


Well yeah! He put it all right. Those were my worst fears. Time and again I have wanted to ask a girl out. I don’t have to say that I didn’t manage to do it in past 24 years.


With passing days, more I thought about Nick’s idea it started making sense to me. I decided upon a Blind Date agency called DOVE, brought to my knowledge by Nick. He couldn't have chosen any agency with a worse cliché tagline. Find your true love - go for a Blind Date through Dove. I wondered if along with their ostentatious and audacious promise of true love there came a money return policy.

I filled out the form honestly, keeping all pretensions at bay, going for extremely general qualities in the section meant for my dream date. The only particular trait that I mentioned sheepishly was that I had a special liking for the Chinky Babes. I owe it to the several Korean movies that I saw while still in hostel, when all my friends used to go out with their dates.



So I was finally awaiting my blind date in a fairly expensive restaurant. I wanted to put a good impression after all , because there was hardly any chance of a second date if this one didn’t go well. Still nothing could stop me feeling upbeat about it. Maybe their tagline really got to me. The visuals of my perfect date were running wild in my head - me sipping a vintage wine with a finely dressed up lady - looking into each other eyes – holding hands- it had to be love at first sight.


Yet after a while it’s just me left to a solitary misery, sipping on orange juice for an eternity. I couldn’t stand the gloomy restaurant anymore and decided on taking off my Ray-bans if my date didn’t arrive in another 5 minutes. I was hoping the sunglasses would hide my squinty eyes and accentuate my high bridged nose for my date to notice.


After countless shifty glances towards the entrance and then on the folks surrounding me, combing for my date through semi darkness, I took the Ray-bans off and stared at the entrance openly. Yet there was to be no sign of my date. Despite all the sneak peak drama, I managed to progress to the third page of MAD magazine.


The restaurant was packed by now. And it was well past 1 hour of the stipulated time. I started looking more carefully at the singles occupying the tables. There weren’t many and just two girls. Neither of them seemed like the description I was told about. She would be wearing a mauve coloured shirt and a white skirt, I was told for identification. And from her details I knew she had straight jet black hair, black eyes and was of north-eastern part of the country. Hence was expected to have some resemblance with the Chinky babes who wove in and out of my dreams. I went up to the reception to confirm whether I was shown the right table for this rendezvous with the stranger.


As I was returning back to my table totally dejected , wondering if my date had a look at me and slipped out quietly,  I saw a slender figure with jet black shoulder length hair, all by itself seated diagonally opposite to me in another corner of the restaurant.

February Focus Feature

Happy February everyone!

For those of you who are new to the community, The Write Thing names a new Focus Feature that writers can use as a theme for their writing. While we encourage writers to use this as a way to explore different themes, it’s in no way necessary. We will accept all entries no matter what the theme!

February’s Focus Feature is Unique Perspectives!
Can you tell a story from the perspective of someone or something besides the average person? Then send in your work to submissions@thewritething.org!

To give you an example, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite books with unique perspectives in our Recommended Reading!

Recommended Reading: Unique Perspectives

Job Openings!

Please note that all positions are volunteer-based only! We are poor students who share a profit for non-profit writing, just like many of you, so we don't have any money to pay you!


TheWriteThing.org is looking for contributing writers for two of our newest sections: From Books to Films and Authors on Tour.

From Books to Films: The comparing and contrasting of films and the books they have been based off of (ex: The Reader, Marley & Me). It's a great position for those who enjoy both the cinema and reading!

Authors on Tour: A section which needs to be continuously updated with the schedules of authors who are going on book tours. May also include first hand accounts of readers who have attended one of these book signings.

General Requirements:
- Plenty of free time that can be dedicated to working on TWT. Must be willing to stay active and contribute to the site.
- Please state your age and location when applying.
- Submitting an example of your writing greatly increases your chances of being hired (a short paragraph of a story/blog/essay/etc is good enough)
- No experience necessary


We’re looking for someone friendly, creative, and fun to spice up our forums with some discussion and moderate posts!

Here are some basic things that will be expected from all applicants:
- A friendly, tolerant disposition.
- The time to keep the forums active and up-to-date. We request that you be able to access the forums at least once a day.
- Promotion of the forums and the website in order to bring more traffic to the forums.
- No experience necessary.

To apply, e-mail us at info@thewritething.org

Author Interview: Jonathan Stroud

Now presenting the next in our series of author interviews: Jonathan Stroud!

Jonathan Stroud is the successful author of the Bartimaeus Trilogy and several other novels. Our Q&A delves deeper into the world Stroud has created within the 'Bartimaues' stories, discussion on hero characterizations, and the fantasy genre. Also included: information about his latest novel, Heroes of the Valley!

Focus Feature Author Interview: Jonathan Stroud

Gift Ideas for Writers!

Still buying gifts for your loved ones? In light of the upcoming holidays, we've created a gift guide for the writer in your life!

The Write Thing's Holiday Gift Guide!

What Makes a Hero?

It's a question to can be very hotly debated, so let's get to it!

First off, give your opinion on the basic definition of a hero in our poll on the right sidebar!

Then, expand upon your thoughts in the comments! Give your own definition, talk about your favorite heroes and anti-heroes, and learn a little bit more about yourself in the process!
The latest book review we've received is for a comedy memoir (originally published for the November Focus Feature) entitled Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? It follows author Allyson Beatrice's journey through "the Jossverse," or fandoms of Joss Whedon's television programs, which include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.

Reviewer Janie gave the book top ratings, so check out her review and find out why!

Book Review: Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?

If you'd like to publish a book review of your own, post it up in the community OR send it to submissions@thewritething.org!

December Focus Feature: Heroes

What makes a hero? Who in literature is considered a hero? This is only a small fraction of what you can expect to read about in The Write Thing's December issue!

Even though we are always accepting submissions, entries specific to and featuring heroes will be featured on the sidebar! Fiction, poetry, and book reviews are happily accepted.

This theme will be running the entire month, meaning NO deadlines! But don't wait until the last minute. ;)

Focus Feature Author Interview: AJ Jacobs

Here's interview number two for our November Focus Feature! Enjoy!

AJ Jacobs is the editor-in-chief of Esquire Magazine and the New York Times bestselling author of two memoirs, The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically, which is currently being developed into a feature film by Paramount Pictures. A master at experimental journalism, our interview with Jacobs covers everything from the brainstorming process to life after completing his numerous experiments.